Monday, December 22, 2008

Birdie Shadow Box

Something fun for my best friend for Christmas, a bird shadow-box.

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Calendar Blocks

I found this idea on a wonderful website - Lark and Lola. When I saw this project, I knew I had to make some for Christmas gifts. Little did I know that it would take three days to complete them! In all I made seven sets, and hopefully they are enjoyed by my friends and family I made them for.

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QUICK PIC - Gift Tags

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Photo Frames

Here are two of the many Christmas gifts I made this last weekend. I was snowed in, Portland has had the most snow its had in 41 years. Yikes! I spent most of my weekend crafty craftin'!

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Bird Stamp

Here's a stamp made for my best friend for Christmas. I love birds and so does she!

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QUICK PIC - New Lolliscotch Character: Sweetie the Squid

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Clothes Pin Photo Holder

I made this for my mother for Christmas. It is made using an over sized clothes pin, a metal sheet, and magnets.



With a photo (the blondie is me, and the cutie with bows is my cousin, and that beautiful lady in the middle is my grandmother):

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Paper Podcast!

In honor of Nation Calendar Awareness Month (don't ask me why it's not January - I guess it's just another commercial holiday) the Conundrium Presents: The Paper Podcast. 1 part PDX-o-philia, 1 part truthiness, 2 parts self indulgence, 1 part social cheapster (hipster cheapskate) calendar.

Find it everywhere we've been to drink coffee this weekend!

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New Lolliscotch Flavors!

This weekend, we created two new batches of lollipops: Concord Grape and Champagne. I changed up the packing a bit with a broader use of stamps.

Here's the Concord Grape:

Champagne (sparkling and sweet):

New Packaging:

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