Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mr. Grump Cake Stamp

I've had the idea for awhile to make an angry cupcake. Maybe a cupcake who's pissed off that they topped him with pink icing, or maybe he's just furious with life in general. Either way - I like taking something that can elicit such warm and tender feelings, like a cupcake, and going the other way with it. I present my hand carved stamp: Mr. Grump Cake.

Maybe Pissed Popsicle next?

I guess lonely days lead to angsty art work.

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R Thomas said...

Mr. Grump Cake is so damn cool.
I'd give him his own TV show if I had that kind of power. Or, his own cupcake flavor. Possibly, Concord grape with sweet and sour frosting and topped with a Concord infused maraschino cherry. Right?