Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stamp Class Fliers

I'll be teaching a stamp carving class at the 100th Monkey Studio, and here are the fliers:

Create Your Own Hand-carved Rubber Stamps For your Winter Holiday Gift Cards!
Leader: Alison Wood
Create and carve rubber stamps for a hand-made holiday. Hand carved stamps are a great way to add a personal touch to winter-holiday cards, gift tags, or wrapping paper. In two hours we will show you where to pick up the relatively cheap materials, different techniques to use, where to find inspiration, and neat ways to put your stamps to use. When we're finished with the basics we will take time for each participant to carve a few of their own stamps. We'll also be stamping and trading hang-tags to take home and get crafty with. Come and check out just how simple it is to get into this unique and inexpensive hobby.
Saturday ~October 17th from 12-2pm
Cost: $15
Punchcards applicable!

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Brook said...

oh that flier is super cool