Wednesday, June 25, 2008

4x4s - Epic Pictureness

I've decided to post my back log of pages that I have completed for the Chunky Page Swap on Craftster because the swap is nearing an end. Too bad, this was a fab swap and I'll be needing another journal type swap after this in order to keep my craftiness flowing.

Page #1 "Ode to Sylvia Plath"

I have a deep obsession with Sylvia Plath that started with reading the Bell Jar many years ago. I've always thought it was humorous and unusual how pink all of her books always seem to be (I highly doubt this was a personal choice of hers). So I made a pink and depressing page to pay homage to a creative force in my life.

Page #2 "Movies of My Dreams"

This page is inspired by my favorite Built to Spill song - Car. The lyrics are all amazing, but my personal favorite, and one that I've been quoted as saying many times over the years is "I want to see movies of my dreams" - do I ever....

Page #3 "Love Gone Wrong"

I pretty much love this page and wanted to keep if for myself. The poem is something which has spoken to me since the first day I read it. Beautiful and haunting.

Page #4 "Be Free"

A simple page with an acetate swallow and tags.

Page #5 "Choose Your Muse"

This Ouija page was inspired by the tastes of the recipient. Fun and funky. I like it.

Page #6 "Create Your Life"

Another page inspired by the tastes of the recipient, acetate dragonfly, colorful fibers.

Page #7 "Let Your Imagination Run Wild"

This is the page so nice I had to make it twice. Nothing better than merging adorable imagery and the restless (verging on depressive) longing for childhood, and no one can do that better than Lewis Carroll! The quote, if it's difficult to read is: "I'd give all the wealth that years have piled, The slow result of life's decay, To be once more a little child, For one bright summer day." Oh - and sewing paper is super awesome!

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R Thomas said...

im stealing this and sending it to my designer.