Thursday, June 12, 2008

Membership has it's benefits....

Tonight was my orientation and first viewing of Portland's IPRC. The Independent Publishing Resource Center is a word-lover's Mecca where craftiness and nerdiness merge beautifully. It's stuffy, cramped, and home to every published issue of Crap Hound (which only amounts to 7, but still, impressive). In a word - wonderful.

I found offerings from them a couple of months ago on the PDX DIY Alert and have been interested in signing up for a workshop - but the timing hasn't been right. When I saw the tonight's orientation on there last week I knew it was something I just had to check out. The offer classes in publishing, letterpress, gocco printing, and bookbinding among many others. I found the lead smell of the letterpress room disturbingly intoxicating - I'll probably take that workshop first.

Tonight really reminded me of why I moved to Portland in the first place - the art scene is larger, and thus less haughty and stifling than in smaller cities. And it doesn't hurt that it's right next door to a favorite coffee shop (Half & Half) and a favorite book store (Reading Frenzy: Home of Show and Tell Press). This block has been referred to as the Triple Threat, and that couldn't be more accurate in my opinion.

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