Sunday, June 22, 2008

Soldered Pendants

Soldering pendants is one of my go-to crafts. I picked up a soldering iron just over a year ago and although I've singed hair, burned finger tips, and ruined favorite pairs of jeans that I got on sale and will never find a pair as cute so long as I live, I have come out of it with some wonderful pieces of jewelry.

Here is one I finished his weekend (I'm a HUGE Costello fan!):

A mini-collection of some of my first pieces. You can see how poorly done the edges appear. My results have started to look much better since I discovered the importance of flux when it comes to soldering:

Bird pendant:

I found these fab Loteria cards while thrift shopping and decided they'd make an awesome reversible pendant:

A scrabble pendant with flower rub-ons:

Here's a great tutorials for soldering with slides:;topicseen

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R Thomas said...

the scrabble tile is genius